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Educated at The Manchester Grammar School, Member of British Mensa.

Founding Director of Telecommunications Equipment Manufacturer in 1991 via £4.3m MBO/MBI.

1996 Stock Exchange Flotation of SDX Plc by Kleinwort Benson - £56m Market cap.

1998 SDX Acquired by Lucent Technologies .

(Returning 29 times original investment over the 7 years since inception & 120% Post flotation)

Personal Profile

Age 52. A critical and creative thinker, experienced in Business Acquisition, Flotation & Trade Sales.

Multiple Non Executive Directorships providing business stimulation and growth consultancy.

Specialising in Productisation* of complex technology solutions & Route to Market optimisation.

Personal qualities include ;Leadership, innovation, motivation and effective communication skills

Recent experience includes multiple market place Internet design, innovation and e-commerce.

Energetic; Yachtmaster, Golfer, Dinghy Sailor, Wake-boarder & Skier. Apple evangelist.


After 10 years of semi-retirement combining conservative personal property portfolio management

and multiple fragmented commercial activities I am excited about the prospect of a new, focused

challenge. I relish the idea of a new goal, focused on building value with a quality management team.

Leading the growth of an existing business, organically, through diversification, acquisition, or

building a new original Entrepreneurial or Intrepreneurial enterprise; all are attractive options.


Lateral thinking applied to every day life produces a constant stream of stimulation  in

the context of business opportunities and innovation. These ideas can appear to be counter intuitive,

simply obvious or just plain crazy, such is the burden of creative and critical thinking.**


With good health and  a continually active mind, I have energy, enthusiasm and hunger

for a focused goal orientated ‘mission’ whatever it may be......

  * ”Productisation” – Made up verb. Derivative of ‘Commoditisation’

    The process of bestowing the attributes of a commodity on to a substantially technical and complex product whilst retaining

     & enhancing  profit for all participants in the supply chain..

  ** "Critical thinking”  - The disciplined process of actively conceptualising, analyzing, synthesising, and

  evaluating information generated by, observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, or communication, as a guide


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